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There is no denying that Amazon has revolutionized the retail industry. Gone are the days of just selling your products at a storefront without putting focus on selling online. One in eight internet users in the U.S. visited in the last month, which translates to about 175 million unique visitors per month. Based on this data, it is difficult to see how all suppliers, wholesalers, and distributors would not promote and sell their products on Amazon. It is a proven and indispensable way to increase brand exposure and sales.

However, many brands are hesitant to enter the marketplace. The problem lies in understanding the hurdles encountered once you jump into it. Amazon is not a 'set it & forget it' platform. It requires a lot of time, sales experience, and a clear understanding of the different aspects of online retail. Learning how to do this is not impossible, but is this how you want to spend your resources?

The Goven House’s strength lies in helping our clients succeed in many platforms including virtual retail platforms. We will work with you to create marketing campaign that will increase your brand presence and sales volume. We will help your brand succeed by maximizing online marketing tailored to buyers in several social platforms. Forget about guessing what works or doesn’t - our Amazon expert team will apply the tried and true techniques designed to capture a larger market share and boost sales. The Goven House is ready to be your brand partner in many platforms and give you the piece of mind you need.


Constantly analyze the market demand to gauge sales patterns and keep enough FBA stock on hand to cover demand.


Optimize your product listing to turn Amazon catalog browsers into happy customers.


Running Amazon Product Sponsored Ads when necessary to test market viability and boost subsequent organic sales.


Use our knowledge of Amazon’s search algorithm to optimize keywords for your product name, description, and back-end, in order to be found in Amazon searches.

All suppliers, wholesalers, and distributors should promote and sell their products in Amazon.

About US

We take pride in the relationships we have develop with our clients.

Established 2015, The Goven House is a family owned retail company in Miami FL. The Goven House has an expert team that successfully works at Dandelion Dreams, our Miami storefront, as well as several e-commerce platforms.

We take pride in the relationships we have developed with our brands as their multi-platform solution partner, and work closely in enhancing their product presence in Shopify, Amazon, eBay, as well as other virtual venues like our own online store.

  • We offer different strategies for enhancing your brand presence. From optimizing listings to generate more organic searches, to increasing exposure through PPC and social advertising. These are two of the many services we offer that helps us stand out from your typical Amazon seller. You do not need more Amazon sellers, you just need the right ones.

  • We like you to see us not just as retailers carrying your products, but as brand-partners. You have invested a lot in creating your brand and we want you to trust us in nurturing your brand the same way you do. We will comply with MAP pricing, report any violations and have regular communications with your team on how to maintain and improve your brand presence in all our platforms. Our goal is for you to feel comfortable in knowing we are invested in selling your products just as you want it.

  • Gone are the days when you only sold through the store. We believe that to be competitive and relevant nowadays is to have multiple points of sale. We work closely with you on how to best advertise at the store, how to train our sales staff to describe and entice clients to get to know the brand and return for more. How to drive prospect buyers in Facebook and Instagram to become actual clients. We also organize marketing campaigns to increase sales in Amazon. We combine all our points of sale to create brand awareness and increase client awareness and satisfaction. We believe this is the best way to achieve success.

  • We want your brand to succeed, this does not happen by just adding products on already existing listings alone. We use our knowledge and understanding of Amazon to optimize keywords in your product name that generate more organic searches. We work with you to identify MAP violators and provide reports when requested. We help you launch campaigns on products you want to focus on. We want you to think of us as more than another Amazon seller, we want to be brand partners with the knowledge and capacity to enhance your brand in many platforms.

We create and implement high-impact marketing and business development solutions that will drive business growth and brand exposure to boost profits.

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