February 14, 2018

In a marketplace with thousands of sellers, why choose us as your partners?

What differentiate us from other Amazon sellers?

We like to be considered as your brand partner and not just an online seller of your products.

Our goal is to sell your products while increasing your brand awareness in Amazon which is something that not many Amazon sellers are doing on a regular basis.

How do we do this?

We focus on key aspects of the sales process to increase your brand awareness and organic sales.  Here is a brief explanation of 3 of several things we do for our clients.

1- We offer PPC Advertising campaigns

63% of all sales in Amazon come from the first three items that appear in a search. If a product has 3rd party sellers advertising, the first three items will be Pay Per Click (PPC) items.  Therefore, it has become very important to not rely on ranking alone, but to advertise your products on your main keywords as well.

As your brand partners in Amazon, we work closely to create effective ad campaigns that would increase your exposure and long-term sales in Amazon. Sometimes having multiple sellers in a listing does not yield the best results because many of them are not putting the effort to advertise and increase sales, they are just waiting for the buy box rotation to sell your products so they can reorder more.  This is where having an experienced 3rd party seller can add value to a relationship with you.  By investing a small fraction of our profit into advertising we can yield more sales and increase exposure of your brand. Once we start carrying your products, you will see a greater audience through our advertisement model.

Basically, we’ll help you cut down on marketing costs by directing interested clients to buy your products in Amazon, at our own expense.

2- Automatically Generate more products reviews

Product reviews can significantly increase your product sales.  However, only 1 to 2% of costumers will leave a review.  Which begs to ask, how can we increase product reviews when the average costumer does not tend to leave one?  This can be done fairly easy and it makes us wonder why more sellers are not doing it.  We will send out an email to all clients on orders placed with us three days after the customer has received the item asking them to leave a review. This generally doubles the likelihood of receiving a review from the sale. The more reviews your product has, the more chances it has of being considered by the Amazon shoppers.  It is all about the extra care to increase your brand awareness online.

3- Handling Negative Reviews

Removing negative reviews is nearly impossible.  Therefore, the best course of action is to respond to each negative review.  Most third-party sellers do not bother to do so but we make this a priority.  We respond to every review to demonstrate to other buyers that the brand is focused on client satisfaction which is something buyers greatly value.  If your current 3rd party sellers are not actively responding to the negative reviews on your listings, or reaching out to you to craft the right answer to their concerns, you are basically validating these reviews in the eyes of all Amazon shoppers. With our help, this will never be the case.

Selling on Amazon does not have to be a headache.  When you partner with the right professional 3rd party sellers, you are guaranteed a level of service that will let you see how much of an asset it is to sell in Amazon.  We can provide many services, in addition to selling your products, that will give you the peace of mind that your brand is taken care of in Amazon.  Try us and watch your sales grow.

4- Answering customer questions

When a customer requires extra information to make a purchasing decision they often ask questions in the product page for all third party sellers as well as other customers to see. We actively attempt to respond to most if not all questions asked by customers as soon as we are able, to help this customer make a decision quicker whether they will buy the product or not. We believe this type of customer support greatly increases the chance of conversion on the listings we represent.

5 – Listings optimization

We provide listing optimization services for selected accounts.  Did you know that 80% of all Amazon shoppers do not scroll past the first page of their search result? Do you wish you knew how to optimize your listings so that you are always an option for Amazon customers? We actively work on fixing both listing information as well as back end search terms in order to help your listings achieve top results within their respective search terms.

Interested in finding out more?

Feel free to reach out to us at thehouse@goven.com to see how we can help you take more control of your brand in Amazon.