February 22, 2018

The importance of MAP enforcement

MAP policing continues to become more important in today’s Amazon marketplace. Many brands understand that maintaining MAP for their products in all sales channels has become an integral part of a brand’s requirement, especially on Amazon.

Disregarding this necessity can lead to damaging the health of your brand. These steps outline why it’s so important to police MAP:

  1.   When MAP is broken, brick & mortar partners will reach out to you complaining about customers shopping in their stores only to finish purchasing in Amazon.
  2.   Most of these partners will attempt to hold on to your product line, but ultimately drop it in favor of products where they can guarantee higher conversion.
  3.   As more brick & mortar partners drop, Amazon will become your main distribution channel
  4.   This will attract more third-party sellers only interested in winning the buy box at all costs, including lowering their profit margins down to razor thin.
  5.   If you also sell your products to Amazon, they will lower their price to guarantee they always get the buy box. Amazon almost never respects MAP pricing when sharing the buy box with 3P sellers that don’t respect it either.

If you fail to effectively enforce your MAP policy you may be putting your entire company in jeopardy.

Amazon is the 800 pound gorilla that cannot be ignored, and as Prime membership continues to grow, their influence will only continue to increase.

How to Enforce MAP on Amazon

The good news is that there are effective ways to enforce MAP on Amazon.

First, make sure that you have the proper policies in place to guarantee they are enforceable. If you need help finding someone reputable, reach out to us and we will put you in contact with a law firm with experience in this matter that can help you with the legal guidelines.

Once you have the correct legal foundation in place, you may also want to consider reducing the number of authorized sellers for your products on Amazon, as doing so greatly increase how well your online presence is managed in the marketplace, however make sure to work with professional third party sellers who will go beyond just buying your products and selling in Amazon, but rather also add value to your brand.